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DJI Osmo Pocket Part 13 tillbehörsset

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The DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit includes some accessories that allow you to do much more with your Osmo Pocket gimbal. The controller wheel is attached bottom right under the LCD of the gimbal in the direction of the user, and provides a rotary knob for precise turn and tilt operation. The dial is easily accessible with the thumb. With a selector switch next to the knob you can choose whether the rotary knob has to control the pan or tilt movement. There is also a button to change the recording modes and another button to re-center the gimbal. The wireless module allows external control of the cardanic suspension from your mobile device. It does this by providing a wireless connection between the two via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while serving as a base. It can also be used as a base. And it offers a USB-C connector for charging the cardanus. With the accessory 2-pin attachment, 3-pin accessories can be attached to the front of the gimbal. The attachment is fastened around the middle of the cardanus. A Samsung 32GB microSD card is also included in the kit. Features of the DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit * Accessories for the Osmo Pocket gimbal * Contains controller wheel, wireless module, accessory attachment * Thumb control for precise pan/tilt * Button for changing shooting modes * Button for re-centering the gimbal * Allow remote control of mobile device * Provides a USB-C connector for charging * Two-tooth attachment for three-tooth accessories * Includes Samsung 32GB microSD card Supplied as standard with the DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit * Osmo Pocket controller wheel * Osmo Pocket wireless module * Osmo Pocket accessory attachment * Samsung 32GB microSD memory card


Märke: DJI
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  • Blue
  • Unisex
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DJI Osmo Pocket Part 13 tillbehörsset