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Bresser BR 2280 Daylight Set 850W

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The Bresser BR-2280 Daylight Set 850W consists of two 45 Watt daylight spiral lamps with a daylight color temperature of 5500K. These lamps fit into a standard E27 thread and are designed for continuous use in the studio. The light output can be multiplied approximately by a factor of 5 times to obtain a comparison with the light output of a normal light bulb. The lamps also save energy, last longer and do not become so warm. Two universal lamp holders are included. With the tripod connection at the bottom, they can easily be placed on any lampstand and with the practical tilting head they can be rotated in any position. The lamp holder is also equipped with an opening for studio umbrellas. In addition, the set includes two strong and sturdy aluminum lampstands, each with a 1/4" spigot adapter, which can be folded easily and compactly, both tripods are coated with a black powder layer to reduce reflections and can reach a maximum height of 210 cm. Features of the Bresser BR-2280 Daylight Set 850W * 2x Daylight spiral lights 45 Watt, 5500K, 230V, E27 thread * 2x Lamp stands with 1/4" spigot adapters each * Tripod height: 210cm * Easy to carry, because of the matching bag * Robust aluminum tripods * Lamp holder with flexible tilting head * Comfortable carrying bag Included with the Bresser BR-2280 Daylight Set 850W * 2x Lamp holder / reflector (diameter 27cm) * 2x Lamp stand 2,1m * 2x Daylight lamp 85W * 1x Carrying bag


Märke: Bresser
  • 4007922036656
  • Black
  • Unisex
  • F002031



Bresser BR 2280 Daylight Set 850W

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