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Beeztees Nail Clippers Small 13,5cm

Bild av Beeztees Nail Clippers Small 13,5cm
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This Beeztees little fingernail is a perfect pliers to cut your dog's nails. Inspect the nails and fix the blood vessel location. Place the nail between the cutting surfaces and hold the leg firmly to prevent movement. Cut quickly in a smooth motion. Regularly cutting the nails improves the rapid withdrawal of the blood vessel, giving less chance of bleeding. Suitable for all dog breeds. Provides a safety plate that prevents the nails from being cut too short. Length: 13.5 cm.


Märke: Beeztees
Kategori: Kloverktyg för husdjur
EAN: 8712695156314
Storlek: 13,5cm


Beeztees Nail Clippers Small 13,5cm